Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Cash 2012: Half Price Christmas Gifts & Supplies

Did a bunch of shopping today and checked out the half price after Christmas sales.  Picked up a few things that I plan to save for next Christmas.  Mostly token gifts but still some good stuff including wrapping materials and baking stuff.  Not posting the details here in case someone who going to get the gifts reads it but I'll post the gist of it.  
Rite Aid:
- 5 Gifts for $22
- 1 Gift Bag for $1.50
- 1 Baking Tin for $2 (it's a snowman cake!)
- 1 Christmas Chocolate - $2.50 (Dove splurge <3)
   TOTAL: $28


- 7 Gifts for $43
- 12 Gift Box for $5
- 1 Gift Bag for $1
- 1 Christmas Chocolate - $1.25
   TOTAL: $50.25


- 4 pack of Gift Wrap for $3
  TOTAL: $3

Running Christmas Totals:

- 12 Gifts for $65
- 18 Wrapping Supplies for $10.50
- 1 Baking Supplies for $2
- 2 Christmas Chocolate for $3.75
   Grand Total: $81.25

Couponing: Stop & Shop - 12/23-12/29

$56.58 worth of groceries for $23 (60% savings!)

- 10 cans of Spaghettios: $1.45 on sale $1 each - 2 $1/5 printable = $.80 each (45% savings!)
- 4 Lysol Dual Action Wipes: $2.99 on sale $2 each - 2 $.50/2 (D) - $2 MIR (bonus on package!) = $1 each (67% savings!)
- 2 Duncan Hines Cake Mixes: $1.59 on sale $1.25 - $1/2 MFC = $1 each (37% savings)
   This is my favorite cake mix and my coupon was about to expire so it was worth it.
- 6 Hillshire Farm Kielbasa: 4.49 on sale $1.99 - 3 $1/2 MFC = $1.50 each (67% savings!)

Stocked up on some favorites in this one!

Couponing: Target - 12/25-12/31 MONEYMAKER!

$21.48 worth of products for $1.47 (94% savings!)

- 6 Bottles of 2 Liter Coke: $1.99 on sale $1.25 - B4G1 Target sale - B4G1 Target coupon -
4 $.99/Coke Zero from Facebook = $1 for ALL 6 BOTTLES! (92% savings!)
- 2 UP & UP 2 pack sponges: $.99 - 2 $1/1 Target Coupon = $.02 PROFIT
- 2 Purina Cat Treats: $1.45 on sale $1.33 - $1.50/2 MFC - B1G1 Free Target coupon = $.17 PROFIT
- 2 Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste (travel size): $.97 each - $1/1 printable = $.06 PROFIT
- 2 UP & UP Dryer Sheets: $1.36 - 2 $1/1 Target coupons = $.36 each (74% savings!)

Couponing: Shaws - 12/23-12/29

$86.72 worth of groceries for $33.42 (62% savings!)

- 10 boxes of cereal: $3.69-3.79 each on sale B1G1 Free - 2 $1/2 MFC - 3 $.75/1 (D) printable - 2 $.85/1 (D) printable = $.90 each (77% savings!)
   Cocoa Puffs are my favorite so I had been stockpiling some great coupons and caught this sale right before they expired at year end!
- 6 Campbells Soup to Go: $1.69 - B1G1 Free = $.85 each (50 savings!)
- 6 Campbells Soup Bowls: $2.15 - B1G1 Free = $1.08 each (50 savings!)
   Great for lunches which means Greg saves money by not buying lunch!
- 4 Campbells Select Harvest Soup: $2.69 - B1G1 Free - $1/4 MFC = $1.10 each (60% savings!)
   My absolute favorite soup is their Italian wedding!
- Nestle Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate: $2.69 on sale $1.69 (37% savings!)
   I fell in love with this last month and just ran out so when I saw it on sale I splurged.
- 2 Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes: $1.99 each - $.75/1 (D) printable = $.50 (75% savings!)
   Was planning on getting these at Walmart for $.97 - $.75 MFC but they were out but this was still a great deal.
- Cains Mayo: $4.89 on sale $2.99 - $1/1 printable = $1.99 (60% savings!)
   Our current mayo expires in 2 days along with this coupon so I went in planning on getting it anyway and it just happened to be on a fantastic sale as well!  Those are the best deals - surprise ones!
- I also got some red and green peppers not pictured for some New Years Eve dishes for $3.76.  Got the last red pepper even though I technically needed two...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Couponing: Walmart - 12/25-12/31 MONEYMAKER!

$10.85 worth of products and they paid me 15 cents to take it home!

- 4 Packs of Schick disposable razors 12ct: $1.97 - 4 $2/1 MFC = $.03 PROFIT each
- 2 Rayovac Flashlights - $1 - 2 $1/1 MFC = FREE
- J&J Red Cross First Aid Kit: $.97 - $1/1 MFC = .03 PROFIT

Couponing: Rite Aid Trip 2 12/25-12/31

$17.96 worth of products for $3.68 (80% savings!)

- 4 Quantum Finish 10ct: 3.99 - B1G1 Free - $1/1 RA VV - 2 $.65/1 - 2 $1/1 = $.92 each (77% savings!)
- 2 Mentos - 2/$1 - $1 +UP wyb2 = FREE

Also picked up some Christmas presents/decorations/candy from their half price sale :)

Couponing: Walgreens - 12/25-12/31

$13.95 worth of products for $1 (93% savings!)

- 1 Lichi Super Probiotic: $9.99 - $9.99 RR = FREE
   I have NO idea what this is but it was free...
- 4 Act II popcorns: $.99 - 4/$1 in-ad coupon = $.25 each (75% savings!)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shopping Deals: Best Buy - XBOX Live Gold 12mth Membership $39.99 SHIPPED!

XBOX Live 12 month Gold Membership on sale at Best Buy for $39.99 plus free shipping or pick up in store!  I just bought this at full price for $60 for my brother for Christmas!  Luckily he hadn't used it yet so I'm replacing it with this new one, returning the first one and saving $20!  Didn't even know these went on sale so I'm excited to save a surprise $20!  I'm thinking this is a good first deposit into my Christmas Cash 2012 account since it was unexpected savings :)

Thanks to Southern Savers for this awesome find!

Christmas Cash 2012: Day One

So I saw this fantastic idea from i am THAT lady that she calls Operation Christmas Cash 2012 and I'm hooked.  Basically the concept is to use various sources such as rewards websites like Swagbucks and MyPoints, survey websites such as Synovate, daily deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social and an annual garage sale (which I do anyway!) to accumulate funds and great deals throughout the year in preparation for Christmas 2012.  Since we all know that Christmas happens on the same day every year yet fail to save in advance I'm determined to stick with it throughout the year and try to avoid the crazy credit card bill I got this year.

I started out by opening an ING online checking account based on the deal that Couponing to Disney posted offering a $50 bonus if you sign up for a free Electric Orange account.  Follow these steps:
  • Go here and click on Apply Now
  • Open an ING Direct Electric Orange Account. There is no minimum to open the account but you want to put in at least a few dollars so you can make some purchases.
  • You will need to make a total of 3 debit card purchases or Person2Person Payments (or any combo of the two) within 45 days of account opening
  • Your $50 bonus will be deposited on day 50 and ready to withdrawal!
Now I've only ever heard great things about ING and have actually wanted to open an account with them for ages but have been putting it off.  I used this offer, titled my account "Christmas 2012" and plan on put all the rewards/savings I can into it as well as tracking my progress on my blog. 

Next I did step 1 on IATL and signed up for SwagBucks.  After messing around with the site for a little while and getting my barrings I'm up to 62 (+23 pending) SwagBucks and plan on using her suggestion to rack up some egift cards.  A $5 card costs 450 points so if I can get one per month that's $60 towards my Christmas shopping next year - which I do A LOT of on Amazon.

I'll keep updates on my Christmas Cash 2012 account to keep me accountable from spending it early!

Couponing: CVS 12/25-12/31 MONEYMAKER

$35.04 worth of products for $1.54 (96% savings!)

- 3 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereals: $4.39-4.99 on sale $2 each - $1/3 MFC Kellogg's Website = $1.67 each (65% savings!)
- 2 Theraflu: $6.89 on sale $4.77 - $5 MIR - $3/1 MFC 12/4 RP - $3 ECB wyb 2 = $1.46 PROFIT!
- 1 Zyrtec 5ct: $6.99 on sale $5.99 - $2/1 MFC Zyrtec website - $6 ECB = $2.01 PROFIT!

Couponing: Rite Aid - 12/25-12/31

$99.24 worth of products for $21.48 (79% savings!)

Stocked up on medicine this week while there are still some great deals going on.  Greg was sick this holiday weekend as well so it worked out great because I got him what he needed for cheap :)

- 5 Ramen Noodle 6-packs, 2 cans of refried beans & 3 cans of Spaghettios: $1.49-$1.79 each on sale 10/$10 mustbuy10 (42% savings)
   Didn't have to buy these but Ramen is one of those things I like to have on hand for the random cravings and I had planned to use a $1/5 Spaghettios coupon but they only had 3 cans left so I decided to suck it up and still get the 10/$10 deal because they are things that I'll definitely use and last a long time for a price I'm willing to pay.
- 2 Goldfish: $2.39 on sale 2/$3 - $1+UP - $.50 SavingStar credit = $.75 each (67% savings!)
- 2 Nivea Body Lotions: $7.99 on sale 2/$12 - 2 $1/1 MFC 12/4 RP = $5 each
   There were two bonus bottles left (6 extra oz) plus one had a bonus shower gel attached!
- 4 Nivea Lip Cares: $2.99 on sale 2/$4 - 4 $1/1 MFC Facebook = $1 each
   Plus spend $20 on Nivea get $10+ UP = $4 for all 6 Nivea items!  (86% savings!)
- 2 Alka Seltzer: $6.99 on sale $4.99 - 2 $2/1 MFC 12/4 SS - 2 $2 +UP = $.99 each (86% savings!)
   Greg used the day & night one and it worked great!
- 4 Theraflu: $6.49 on sale $4.99 - 2 $4/2 MFC 12/4 RP - $2/1 RA Flu Book - 3 $1/1 RA VV - 4 $1 +UP = $.75 each (89% savings!)

- 2 pairs of earrings: $4.99 on clearance $1.99 - $3 +UP wyb2 = $.50 each (92% savings!)

Shopping Deals: Staples - Avery Binders FREE After 100% Rewards

Now through 1/14/12 you can get up to four Avery Heavy-Duty View Binders with One-Touch EZD Rings and get back 100% of the cost in Staples rewards dollars that can be used on anything in store through their Staples Rewards program.  The advertisement says starting at $7.49 but the 1 inch binders are on sale for $6.99 through that link. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Couponing: Stop & Shop - 12/16-12/22

$60.73 worth of groceries for $34.49 (44% savings!)

- Pepperidge Farm Wheat Bread: $4.29 each B1G1 Free - $1/2 MFC = $1.65 each (62% savings!)
- 2 Knorr Turkey Gravy: $1.67 on sale $1 (40% savings!)
- 3 McCormic Beef Gravy: $1.19 son sale $.67 (44% savings!)
- 2 Knorr Parma Rosa Sauce: $1.67 on sale $1 (40% savings)
- 2 Crisco Shortening: $3.99 on sale $3.84 - $1/2 MFC = $3.34 each (29% savings)
- 2 Friendly's Ice Cream: $4.99 on sale $2.50 (50% savings!)
- Country Crock Margerine: $5.29  on sale $3.29 (38% savings!)
   I LOVE when something I need is on sale when I get to the store!
- 3 Hood Sour Cream: $2.19 on sale $1.50 - 3 $1/1 MFC = $.50 each (77% savings!)
- 5 S&S Yogurts: $.50 on sale $.45 (10% savings!)
- 2 Crisco Canola & Vegatable Oil: $4.79 on sale $3.49 - $1/2 MFC = $3 each (38% savings!)

Couponing: Shaws - 12/16-12/22

$72.73 worth of groceries for $37.78 (48% savings!)

- 3 boxes of Mama Lucia Meatballs; $5.99 each B1G2 Free = $2 each (67% savings!)
- 2 5lb bags of Idaho Potatoes: sale $3.49 each
- Food Coloring: $3.99
- Peppermint Extract: $5.69 on sale $3.81 (33% savings!) 
   LOVE when something I needed anyway is on sale when I get there!
- 2 Arnold Healthy Heart Wheat Bread: $4.59 each B1G1 Free = $2.30 each (50% savings!)
- 2 Reynolds Wrap: $4.99 on sale $2.50 each - 2 $1.25 printable coupon = $1.25 each (75% savings!)
- 3 Cinnamon Rolls: $2.99 on sale B2G1 Free: $2 each - $1 printable = $1.66 each (45% savings!)
- 3 Crescent Rolls: $2.99 on sale B2G1 Free: $2 each - $1.10 printable = $1.63 each (46% savings!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Couponing: Rite Aid 12/18-12/24 MONEYMAKER!

$97.85 worth of products for $5.95 (94% savings!)

- 10 Kleenex Tissues: $1.99 each on sale 5/$5 - 3 $1/2 VV coupons = 70 cents per box (65% savings!)
- 4 Lysol Automatic Soap dispensers (1 not shown): $14.99 on sale $7.99 each - 4 $5 VV coupons - 2 $.75/1 printable coupons - 1 $.50/2 printable - $3 +UP each (limit 4) = $2.04 PROFIT!
- 3 Orbit Gum: $1 on sale - $1 +UP each (limit 3) - 2 $.25/1 VV coupons = $.50 PROFIT!
- 1 Bayer Asprin: $5.49 - $3 in-ad coupon - $2 MFC = $.49 (92% savings!)
- 4 Ice Breakers Sugar Free Mints: 2/$3 sale - $2 +UP wyb 2 (limit 2) - 2 $.50/2 VV coupons = 25 cents each (88% savings!)

Couponing: Staples - Virus Software, USB flashdrive & 32 Batteries ALL FREE!

Total of $225.22 worth of products for 13.25 (TAX ONLY!)

- 3 Trend Micro Virus Titanium Internet Security Software for 3 computers: $60+tax each - $60 Staples easy rebate each (limit 5) = $3.75 each (tax only!)
- Staples Micro Relay USB flashdrive: $5.99+tax - $5.99 Staples rewards using the coupon in previous post (limit 1) = 38 cents (tax only!)
- 2 Duracell 16 ct AA batteries: $12.99+tax each - $12.99 Staples rewards mentioned in previous post (limit 2 per week - my second week getting 2) = 81 cents each (tax only!)

Shopping Deals: - $1 for $25 restaurant certificate!

Thanks to my aunt for forwarding along this deal to me.  I paid $2 each for a bunch of certificates a few years ago (and still have most left!) and have never seen them go lower... until now!  Click the photo above for the promotion and enter JOY at checkout to receive your $25 restaurant gift certificates for $1 each!  It's a great deal just note that you typically have to spend $35 in order to use the $25 gift certificate but we always manage to spend $35 for two people with no problem.  Each restaurant has their own rules and restrictions so make sure you read the fine print.  If you're looking for a recommendation, we use one of these each time we go to Blue Pointe Bistro in Weymouth Landing, MA and always get great food, great service and no problems using the certificates!  I highly recommend the fried macaroni and cheese and their desserts are from stratch and delicious.  the Bon appetit!

Couponing: Family Dollar 12/20/11

8 Bags of Snausages Dog Treats (2 not shown): $1 each - four $1 off 1 printable coupons - two $1.50 off 2 printable coupons = $1+tax for 8 bags (88% savings or 7 free!)

*These coupons are from the Target website but print out as manufacturer coupons which can be used anywhere.

Shopping Deals: Staples - Free Skullcandy Jib Earbuds!

Follow the instructions on the photo to get 100% back in Staples rewards for a pair of Skullcandy Jib Earbuds.  Remember, this is Staples rewards meaning in January you'll get a Staples rewards check that can only be used in Staples and will expire (athough you get enough time in my opinion).  I need ink so it's been working out great for me because I will just wait and utilize the rewards so I can get a bunch of free stuff now (see the flash drive and battery posts from earlier) and the ink next month.  You will need to print this image and present it along with your rewards card (or phone number in my case because I lost my card) in order for the rebate to process and show on your rewards statement.  This just so happens to be the last gift left to buy on my Christmas list so I couldn't be happier about this deal!  Staples was always my first love when it came to getting deals though so it holds a special place in my heart.  :)  Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or the original copy of this deal's email.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shopping Deals: Staples - Free Software 12/18-12/24!

There are three free software deals at Staples this week.  I copied these out of the online circular but confirm in store that the deal is valid at your local Staples to be sure since I haven't purchased it myself.  In order to get the first two (Trend Micro products) for free you have to sign up for the Staples rewards card which is free and participate in the Easy Rebates program.  You don't have to sign up for the rebate program in advance but you will have to create an account on your first visit.  In order to qualify for the rebate, all you have to do is make sure you scan your rewards card (or have them pull it up by your phone number like I do) when you purchase the software then a rebate slip will print out.  The slip will give you the instructions as well but all you have to do is go to and punch in a few numbers off you receipt and you're done.  No UPCs, no mailing in forms, just punching in some details off your rebate receipt.  SUPER easy, just make sure you okay through all the steps until you reach a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email.  I would be happy to walk anyone through it or answer any questions but it is the easiest rebate program on the market that I know of and you will receive a CHECK, not Staples Rewards dollars like mentioned in previous posts so as long as you don't mind waiting for the reimbursement, these will be completely FREE!  The third and last software deal is a manufacturer's mail-in rebate so you will have to go the traditional mail-in rebate route to get reimbursed for this one.

Purchase Trend Micro Antivirus for 1 PC for $35, submit your receipt online through the Easy Rebates program and receive a check for $35 back in a few weeks making it free!

Purchase Trend Micro Titanim Internet Security for 3 PCs or Macs for $60, submit your receipt online through the Easy Rebates program and receive a check for $60 back in a few weeks making it free!

Purchase Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2012 for $190, submit the mail-in rebate PER THE INSTRUCTIONS (this is NOT a Staples Easy Rebate) and you will receive the $190 back from the manufacturer. You will have to mail in and submit a UPC for this product so don't throw away the box and get it in by the deadline!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping Deals: Staples - Free 4GB Micro Relay USB Flash Drive

Another Staples 100% Rewards product this week through 12/24.  Purchase a Staples 4GB Micro Relay USB Flash Drive, present this coupon and your rewards card at check out, pay $5.99 now and get $5.99 back in Rewards in January.  Again, this is only a good deal if you plan on shopping at Staples anyway and will use the rewards before they expire.  I need ink soon so I'm waiting for my rewards to come back on this and my batteries before I do.  Speaking of batteries...

Don't forget the 100% rewards batteries deal is still going on through 12/24.  Buy two 16ct packs of Duracell AA or AAA batteries for $12.99 per week and get $12.99 per pack back in Staples rewards in January. 

Couponing: CVS - 12/11-12/17 trip #2!

After a lot of stupid cat accidents this past week or two we FLEW through paper towels so I wanted to stock up during this week's CVS sale.  I had already done one shopping trip there but I found some more things worth picking up before the sale ended.

- 2 X-tra Detergent: $2.99 on sale for $1.49 (50% savings!)
- 3 Bags of Hershey's & Reese's Holiday Candy: $3.49 on sale 2/$5 - $1 CVS coupon - B2G1 (which he put in for the full $3.69 instead of $2.50!) = 94 cents each (73% savings!)
- 4 Kleenex Tissues: $2.37 on sale 3/$4 - $1 off 4 MFC = $1.08 each (55% savings) 
- 3 Scott Paper Towels: $7.49 on sale for $4.99 - 2 $2 MFC - 1 $1 MFC = $3.33 each (56% savings!)
- 1 Scott Toilet Paper: $10.99 on sale for $7.49 - $1 MFC = $6.49 (41% savings!)

Spent $30 on qualifying products (everything but the detergent) and got a $10 gift card!

$59.39 worth of items for $16.58 for a 72% savings! and I stocked up on things we needed!

Couponing: Target - 12/11-12/17 Freebies

In the back are two notebooks I bought myself that I splurged on because I had a gift card. :)

- 2 Eucerin: $.97 - 10% off - $1 Target coupon = 26 cent PROFIT
- Nivea: $.97 - $1 Target coupon = 3 cent PROFIT
- 2 Curel Foot Therapy - $4.49 - 2 $2 MFC - $5 Target wyb 2 Curel = 2 cent PROFIT
- 2 Friskes Party Mix - $1.42 - 10% off - $1.50 MFC - B1G1 Target coupon (which he accidently put in $2.44 for instead of $1.28) = $1.38 PROFIT

Note: they screwed up something (well they didn't but I thought they did and bitched about it :oX) so I got 10% off everything in the Target purchase from one of the stores which covered the Eucerin & Friskies.

$16.73 worth of stuff and I made $1.69 to take it home for 110% savings!

Couponing: Walgreens - 12/11-12/17

- SalonPas Pain Patch - $2.99 on sale for $1 - $1 RR = FREE
- Finish Gelpacks 20ct - $5.79 on sale for $3.99 - $.65 MFC - $1.50 RR = $1.84 (68% savings!)
- Goody Claw Clips 12ct - $3.49 on sale for $2 - $2 RR = FREE

$12.27 worth of products for $1.84 for 85% savings!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping Deals: Target - $10 Gift Card wys $75!

Special event in-store at Target from 5pm tonight to noon tomorrow!  $10 gift card when you spend $75!  If you're already planning some Christmas shopping at Target, might as well do it now and get some money back!

Shopping Deals: Burger King - Free French Fries!

In promotion of their "new fries", Burger King is offering a free order of value size french fries to each customer TODAY ONLY.  No purchase necessary!  Additional details on their Facebook page.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping Deals: Staples - 2 free 16ct Packs of Duracell Batteries (AA & AAA)

It's baaack!  Staples free batteries are here!  I always get my batteries for free from Staples when they have a free battery sale so I'm happy I didn't miss it like I did last year!  You have to have a rewards card with them and the way the program works is you purchase the batteries for $12.99 per pack and when your statement closes you'll get a rewards check for the full amount that can be used towards your next Staples purchase.  There are some catches so you have to watch out for them.  Make sure your rewards card is set up to send you the rewards checks (mine comes to my email) and be aware that they DO expire.  I warn you of this because I had a $2 rewards check that I realized last week expired 11/30/11.  Whomp.  This is a fantastic deal if you keep on top of your rewards and plan on shopping at Staples anyway.  I'm in need of some new ink so I might as well get free batteries out of the deal.  Note that the ad says 2 per customer but according to the Staples staff it's 2 per customer PER WEEK so if you want to stock up and you know you'll use those rewards checks then now is the time to stock up!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Couponing; Rite Aid 12/11-12/17 MONEYMAKER!

I LOOVED this week at Rite Aid.  Check out these great finds - all for FREEEEE!

- 8 Boxes of Royal Jello - on sale 8/$2 - $1 +UP = $.13 each (75% savings!) Charity!
- 2 Bags of Ricola Dual Action - on sale 2/$3 - 2 $1 off MFC (from their Facebook page) - $1 +UP on 2 = FREE (100% savings!)
- 2 Reeses Trees - on sale $.69 each - $1 off 2 VV coupon = $.19 each (80% saving!)
- Triaminic & Theraflu - $6.79 each on sale 2/$10 - $3 in-ad coupon wyb 2 - $3 off Triaminic MFC - $3 off Theraflu MFC = $.50 each (93% savings!)
- 2 Visine - $5.29 each - 2 $1 in-ad coupon - 2 $3 printable MFC - 2 $2 +UP = $.71 PROFIT on each (113% savings)
- Scope - I screwed this one up lol.  I bought the wrong type and after the rebate expired so this is getting returned this afternoon.  I did use a $1 off coupon though that I should be able to keep so that's a $1 profit lol!
- Revlon Nail Cippers & Emery Boards  - $2.19 & 1.25 on 40% off sale $1.31 & $.75 - 2 $1 SCR - $3 +UP wyb 2 Revlon Beauty items = $2.94 PROFIT (185% savings!)

Used my $5 off $25 purchase first for a total cost of -$7.98 PROFIT for $38.58 worth of stuff = 121% savings!

Couponing: CVS 12/11-12/17 MONEYMAKER!

Nothing super great here unless you want these things but look below for a money maker that I'm getting tomorrow!  (Making friends with the manager and having him hold a sold out product before they restock it is key!)

- 2 Boxes of Keelber crackers - $2.57*2 - B1G1Free - $1 off 2 MFC = $.79 each (69% savings!)
- 2 Boxes of Nabisco crackers - $2.57*2 - B1G1Free - $1 off 2 MFC = $.79 each (69% savings!)
- Combos - $2 on sale - $2 ECB = FREE (100% savings)
- Bandaids - $5 full price but I was annoyed that we didn't have one when I needed one so I splurged!
- 2 Airborne - $8.29*2 - B1G1halfoff - two $1.50 MFC (off the website) = $4.72 each (43% saving) I don't see these go on great sales often but it's one thing I like to have on hand all the time so I picked them up during this sale.
- 2 Blistex = $2.37 on sale for $.99 - $1 off 2 MFC = $.50 each (79% savings!)

My receipt shows a $1.50 CVS MFC coupon but I can't remember what it was for but it musthave been the crackers since I'm surprised I spent $.79 on them and I know it wasn't for the other 4 items.

$17.10 for $38.9 worth of items = 56% savings

The only things I really paid for were the bandaids and Airborne so if you don't need those you can get some great cheap/free items.

The deal I am most excited about was sold out but I made friends with Jim the store manager and he's said when they restock tomorrow he's going to hold them aside for me so at 3pm tomorrow I will have this transaction in my pocket :)

- 3 Centrum Pronutrients 50ct - $12.49 on sale for $9.99 - three $7 off MFC (12/11 SS) - $5 off CVS coupon (printing from the coupon centers in store, mine won't print so I asked nicely and Jim is doing it manually for me) = $3.97 for all 3 (89% savings!)

- 3 Bags of Hershey's Holiday Kisses - $3.99 on sale 2/$5 - $1 off 2 CVS coupon (in the Holiday Book) - B2G1Free MFC = $1.33 per bag (67% savings!)

Spend $30 on select items (these two included) get $10 gift card making this a $2 moneymaker!

I saw other blogs do the spend $30 get $10 with only the Centrum but it's only $29.97 technically so I'm afraid it won't go through. I threw in the candy for good measure because it was the cheapest thing I could get with coupons that qualified towards the gift card promotion.  Another option was a $2 box of Christmas cards instead but I'm all about free chocolate!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 16

We're so sick of this already. We moved it up to the toilet for the second time on Wednesday and spent all of Thursday through Sunday morning cleaning up messes outside the closet door (Logan) where the old box used to be (which just happens to be under the Christmas tree now that that's up) and throughout the bathroom (mostly in front of the toilet but it would travel because our house isn't even).  One thing worth noting is that Tek would scoop the litter down from the toilet to cover the mess he made on the floor so he was trying to accommodate the only way he could think how so it's definitely the height that they just weren't getting used to because they just weren't getting it.  It's so frustrating and it's hard because we don't WANT to keep going back because they probably just need time to get used to it being moved up but it's just so bad for the floors and everything it touches which is especially hard to accept after 2 years of remodeling the whole house and Greg doing all the floors himself. We decided to move it back to the floor because we're too afraid of all the damage the messes are and could cause if we don't but Greg came up with the idea to continuously build it up from the ground until it's up to the toilet height so they can get used to it in a more gradual process. We hope that will do the trick since we don't want to give up on it completely. It takes a lot of patience and we're just trying to remind ourselves that we knew it would be a process and we committed to seeing it through and if we have to adjust we will but at the same time we can risk damaging anymore of the house and hope that the damage that is already done is fixable/doesn't stick around forever!

Couponing: CVS 12/4-12/10

Once again, these are from last week's sale so they are no longer available but I'm going to get better about getting my shopping done earlier in the week so you guys have an opportunity to get stuff.  

- Finish: $4.49 on sale for $2.99 - $2.99 ECB = FREE! This was a rain check from Black Friday.
- Candy Canes: $1.27 - $1.27 ECB = FREE!
- Nivea Lipcare: $3.29 + $2.99 - $1.50 B1G1halfoff - $3 of 2 = $.89 each (72% savings!)
- 2 Revlon Beauty Tools: $3.79 + $3.29 = $7.08 - $6 ECB wyb 2 = $.54 each (85% savings!)

- $55 in iTunes gift cards - $10 ECB wyb $50 = $45 (18% savings) I had bought 2 $15 cards in order to use one towards a grab gift but we didn't end up doing the grab.  If I had known I would've only got $50 worth and it would've been 20% savings!  Money off something I was already planning on buying for Christmas gifts is always the best kind of savings!

Excluding the iTunes - $19.12 worth of stuff for $2.86 = 85% savings!

Couponing: Rite Aid 12/4-12/10

So these are from this past week's sale, I did some late shopping so unfortunately they are no longer available.  I'm going to work on getting my shopping done earlier in the week so that you guys can benefit!  Busy week this week!  After finals on Thursday I'll have a little more free time for a month!

- Reeces & Kit Kat - 2/$3
- Milky Way, Starburst & Twix - 3/$2
I had picked the candy up for a grab that I had $5 left to spend on that didn't end up happening so looks like they'll be going in someone's stocking for Christmas lol!

- Aleve - $6.99 - $3 in-ad coupon - $1 VV coupon - $1 manf. coupon = $1.99 (72% savings!)
- 4 Kleenex - $1.99 each at B1G1 - $1 off 3 VV coupon - $1 off 4 manf. coupon = $.50 each! (75% savings!)  I fly through tissues so I'm always looking to find them cheap!

$23.95 worth of stuff for $8.99 = 63% savings!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shopping Deals: Amazon - Scotch Thermal Laminator for $17 shipped

Amazon is offering the Scotch Thermal Laminator for $16.99 plus free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.  This is down from it's original price of $80.49 so it's a great deal if you have been in the market for one, especially since this one has 4.6/5 stars with 319 reviews!  Laminates up to 9 inches wide.

Shopping Deals: ShopRunner - Free 1 year membership!

ShopRunner is offering a Free 1 Year Membership for the first 10,000 people on their Facebook page!  This is a fantastic opportunity as you get free two day shipping from tons of retailers and save $79 on the membership!  If you're familiar with Amazon Prime it's the same concept just outside of Amazon and the free trial lasts a full year!  You can even use it next Christmas!  Enjoy, I know I will!

Thanks to!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping Deals: Petsmart - 15% entire purchase + Purina One Cat & Dog Food on sale!

Easy printable coupon available for 15% off your entire purchase in-store (or over $60 online) between today through Sunday, December 8-11.  I plan to use it as follows on cat food but note there is an identical deal (with different but similar pricing) on Purina One Dog Food as well.

As part of the separate Great Gifts Sale going on tomorrow through Sunday, December 9-11, Purina One Cat Food is on sale and we just happened to be almost out so I plan on stacking the sale and the coupon above and stocking up for Tek & Logan.

There is this separate deal in the regular December ad offering $4 off plus $5 in bonus bucks which I'm wondering might still be available during the above promotion which would be additional savings!  I would have to do my two bags of food in separate transactions but it'd be worth it!

In addition, I found this deal in the regular December ad offering 2 free cans of Purina One Wet Cat Food when you buy a 22lb bag of Purina One Dry Cat Food and since I'm already planning on buying 2 bags, that's 4 free cans for Tek & Logan - assuming here is not maximum, which it doesn't state.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Couponing: CVS Rain Checks

I had some rain checks from last week that were back in stock so here were my finds at CVS today:

Oral B Power Toothbrush: $9.99 on sale for $4.99 - $3 coupon = $1.99
4 Glade Air Fresheners: $2.19 on sale for $.99 - two $2 off 2 coupons = FREE
Complete Contact Solution: $9.59 on sale for $8.99 - $8.99 ECB = FREE

Total: $28.34 worth of items for $1.99 (93% savings!) 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shopping Deals: Lowe’s - 30 AA Batteries for only $4! is offering Utilitech 30-Pack AA Alkaline Batteries for $4!  Search for item number 64525.  They are only available for in-store pickup but worth the drive!  They won't last long so order them now and pick up at your convenience before Christmas!

Thanks to Frugal Finders!

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Days 9-11

No more issues since we moved it back down to the floor.  Greg has tomorrow off so I think we'll try moving it back to the toilet again then while we can both keep an eye on them.  Would really like to not have to clean up anymore accidents..

Shopping Deals: Free Burger at Red Robin if your name is Jim, James or Jimbo!

All you need to do is show your photo ID and you can enjoy a free Jim Beam burger - looks good!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 7-8

No one used the LK on the toilet on Friday and we woke up to pee on the bathroom floor (not near the LK's floor spot though...) and vomit in the next room.  We decided to move it back to the floor for a few more days and they've used it a few times with no other issues so we're going to give it a few more days on the floor before we move it back up again.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Couponing: CVS Deals 11/27-12/3

$12.88 for $53.69 worth of products (76% savings!)

11/27 - 12/3 CVS Coupon Matchups
- 9 Lives Wet Cat Food 4 pack: $8 on sale for 3/$4 = $1.33 each (50% savings)
(Don't like this food because of the ingredients but it's good to have as a back up in case I run out of the better stuff since I have no other wet food coupons currently and we're getting low.)
- 4 Cans of Spaghettio's: $1.99 on sale $1 each - two $.50 off 2 printable coupons = $.75 each (63% savings)
- 4 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste: $3.79 each - 25% CVS coupon - two $1 off 2 PG 11/27 coupons - $5 ECB for spending $10+ on Crest products = $1.09 each (72% savings)
- 1 Lysol Healthy Touch Soap Dispenser: $13.99 on sale for $9.99 - $3 off 1 SS 11/6 coupon - $5 ECB = $1.99 (86% savings)
(I was cheated out of a $3 coupon on this but I'm calling CVS customer service tomorrow to get a new card anyway so I'll mention this and hopefully they'll compensate but if not it's still a good deal!)

From Black Friday Rain Check (no longer on sale)
- 2 Irish Spring Deodorants: $4.29 on sale for $2.77 - $3 ECB = $.23 PROFIT each (106% savings)
(Should note that this was only supposed to be $2 ECB but she put it in manually for $3.  I corrected her afterwards and she that's how the system had to do it.  I didn't question!)

New Rain Checks (check your local CVS for stock or get a rain check by 12/3!)
- Complete Multi-Purpose Contact Solution 12oz: $8.99 - $8.99 ECB = FREE
- 4 Glad Air Fresheners on sale for $.99 each - two $2 off 2 printable coupons = FREE
- Oral B CrossAction Power Toothbrush: on sale for $4.99 - $3 off 1 PG 11/27 coupon = $1.99

Remaining Outstanding Black Friday Rain Checks Still Out of Stock:
- Free Theraflu Travel Size Packet, Free Theraflu Warming Relief Caplets, Free Finish Quantum 10ct, 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals $.88 less $1 of 2 coupon = $.38 each

Shopping Deals: $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card for $15! is giving selling $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards for $15!  They are valid in store, online and towards Nook books!  This is a great find for me as I was planning on getting one to go along with the Nook I bought my father for Christmas.  It says only one per household but I was able to process one on each of my email addresses.  It didn't let me use the same credit card but it appears to have gone through when I put in a different card, even though the billing address was the same.  No promises that it worked but it's worth a shot if you want more than one.  The voucher will be available for redemption on 12/12/11 and says to allow 5-7 business days for shipping so if you order as soon as they are available to order you should get it by Christmas!  You also get a $5 bonus if you refer someone who buys one so pass it along, it's only available for another day and a half or until it sells out!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 6

A second successful day in a row using the Litter Kwitter on the floor.  As promised, moving it up to the toilet tomorrow.  Can't wait to see how it goes!