Monday, November 21, 2011

Couponing: First Try!

Today was my first time being a "couponer"! After watching an Extreme Couponing marathon for the first time last week I was intrigued... and a little obsessed. Free stuff? My favorite! Cheap, definitely still good! I started out doing things the way I do best, collecting supplies and not using them. I printed hundreds of coupons and put two grocery circulars in a plastic bin. I ordered some 8 pocket pages and found and old three ring binder. Subscribed to the Sunday paper and All You Magazine. I was ready! Then I got sick and so they sat for a few days.

Today I took a sick day, for the first time in awhile, because I sound like I have multiple frogs in my throat. Apparently it's been longer than I thought because when I went to my "medicine cabinet" just about everything in it was expired. So now was my chance to put what I learned about couponing into practice!

1) My first stop was to find out where Airborne was on sale. I absolutely LOVE this website. It's a fantastic free asset and great for all levels, especially beginners!

2) After determining that Walmart had it the cheapest for $5.87 (on sale $.61 off the regular price) I realized I really didn't want to drive all the way to Walmart just to save $1.62. It was 10 minutes further away and it's harder to get in and out quickly in pajamas (hey, I'm sick!). But I had to remind myself that the art of couponing was getting the best deal and not wining so I didn't stop there! We are lucky enough to live in possibly the best location ever and right around the corner is a Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens all next to each other. Literally! There is a McDonalds and BK in between and that's it - someone REALLY didn't plan that well but we love it!

3) I used's list to see which of the three would price match. The website ruled out Walgreens but said CVS and Rite Aid price match by store and to ask. I gave CVS a call and I got the lady that I'm familiar with and don't like (she's the only CVS clerk I know in 4 towns that doesn't take expired CVS coupons) who shot my question down point blank. Next time I will try the other CVS that is down the street where they seem to be nicer before ruling out CVS for price matching entirely. This time I forgot about the other CVS and called the Rite Aid. The woman on the phone said she didn't think they did but then I think she felt bad for me (I really do sound awful) and asked the manager who didn't sound happy about it but said he would as long as I didn't have too many.

4) I went to the Airborne website and found a $1.50 off each coupon in the bottom left of the main page. I printed two to stock up but didn't try for a third so you might be able to print more. The coupons said one per transaction so I had to do two separate transactions.

Although the manager wasn't pleasant about it he did process the price match (twice) and I was happy and proud! In the end I saved $6.24 (42%)!

Rite Aid Price: $7.49 each
Walmart Price Match: $5.87 each
Corp. Airborne Coupon: $1.50 off 1
OOP each transaction: $4.64 after tax
Total Savings: $3.12 each (42%!)

If it wasn't worth the money, although I think it is, it was worth the experience. I got a lot of confidence to continue trying to save money! Can't wait for my first paper and magazine to arrive so I can start clipping coupons and for my pocket pages so I can get organized!

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