Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 1

I mentioned that we were going to be toilet training our cats and a few people asked me to let them know how it worked out so I'm going to keep track on my blog for those that want to follow along.

We decided we wanted to train our cats to use the toilet awhile ago so we could get our front closet back from the litter box but put it off because there is always something more important to do.  Finally we decided to put the time into researching which product we would like to use.  The two on the market that are well known are the Litter Kwitter and the CitiKitty systems.  The concept behind both is to use rings/trays that cover the toilet and make it look like a litter box and then slowly remove or change out the rings making the hole in the center larger until there is none left and the cat is used to using the open toilet.  I checked out both websites and the reviews on numerous blogs and selling websites. What I learned is that both seem to do the job but there are benefits to one over the other depending on the cats and the humans.  The CitiKitty is half the price at $30 and has 5 ring steps while Litter Kwitter has 3.  They do sell 2 additional rings separately to make the process more gradual for $15 if you need them.  They recommend it for multiple cats but we decided to wait to see if we'd need them before ordering them.  CitiKitty is made of recyclable plastic but reviews said that it flexes under the weight of heavier cats.  They didn't think it would break but it was noticeable.  Litter Kwitter is made up of the same plastic in hard hats and definitely feel sturdy enough for 18lb Tek.  CitiKitty also sits under your existing toilet seat whereas Litter Kwitter has it's own make shift seat that sits directly on the bowl.  We preferred the latter because we only have one toilet in the house and it seemed easier to remove and use the toilet and put back.  Reviews for both systems say the process is definitely easier with multiple bathrooms but we were out of luck on that one!  Lastly, CitiKitty uses a tray with punch out wholes so some reviews showed concern about not being able to go back a step if necessary but they seemed to have solved this problem by including an extra tray.  I'm not sure that would have deterred me but the sturdiness and functionality for a single bathroom was reason enough for us to spend the extra money on the Litter Kwitter.  Again, this is based on our heavy cat and single bathroom so CitiKitty might be a great option for someone else.  Once you pick, make sure you shop around and get the best deal!

We ordered it from (shout out to seller Mambate for great service!) on Monday, it shipped out Tuesday and arrived on Friday.  We shopped around online for the best price and found it there for $45 shipped.  Saving $15 off retail made it easier to justify getting the more expensive kit!  We opened it today and put the LK seat and red (first stage) ring next to the toilet and filled it with The Worlds Best Cat Litter which was the recommended flushable litter by the woman at Petsmart.  It was also $1 off because it was Black Friday weekend, yay for savings!  We closed the door to the closet (there's no knob yet but it's really snug when it's closed hard) but didn't take the litter box out yet because it's a huge double size one and needed to be cleaned and we didn't feeling like it.  By the time we went to bed Saturday night no one had decided to pee in their new toilet shaped litter box.

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