Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 2

Woke up this morning to the closet door open and the litter box used.  Not only do I have no idea how Tek got the door open as it was jammed closed but needless to say there was no sign of usage in the Litter Kwitter.  I had read some reviews from people who had taken some of the "smell" from the original litter boxes and put them in the LK so they would know this was the new litter box so we decided to try that out.  I also brought them both over to the LK to show them and put treats next to it to try to get them to associate the LK with something good.  That seemed to work because at some point that day (and possibly twice) someone peed in it!  They also got it right in the center too which is promising!  The door to the closet is still shut and we're still too lazy to take out the box so that's also a good sign.  The only thing is that we can't confirm who used it, Tek or Logan, and I worry Logan is the kind of cat that if he doesn't figure it out, he'll hold it in.  Hope he gives in soon if this wasn't him, would hate to have a sick kitty because of it!  Definitely something to look out for when trying this as that can be very bad for them!  And since you're wondering, no poop yet...

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