Monday, November 28, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 3

Closet door is still closed and we still haven't removed the old litter box.  Tomorrow maybe?  We'll see.  There was no visible activity in the LK this morning so I decided to clean out the "smell" I had added the day before but not the new pee.  Only a few hours later I hear scratching from the bathroom with a present left behind and see Logan sitting next to me so I'm able to confirm that Tek has used the LK.  We also suspect he was a user yesterday but can't confirm.  Tek is the lesser intelligent of the cats so this is a good sign but Logan is a lot more private so I'm hoping he's using it even though we can't be sure.  Would really like to be sure soon so I know he's not holding it in!  I can also say that I do like this new litter, The Worlds Greatest Cat Litter!  I mean it smelled of ammonia right after but a few hours later it was definitely a lot less noticeable, if at all!  Love knowing it's flushable as well.  And since you're wondering, still no poop... Fingers crossed!

Update!  Let there be poop!  Discovered it after I posted, I'm PRETTY sure it was Logan so that's a good sign.  He was scratching at the old litter box door and looking uncomfortable and after I found it he seemed much more comfortable and could care less about the old closet.  Good sign!  I should note that he didn't get it in the ring, it was on the outer part of the fake toilet seat but I read it was important not to yell at them if they miss because it'll discourage them from using it so I praised like crazy and cleaned it up.  YAY!  If we get through tomorrow smoothly I think we'll move it up to the actual toilet. 

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