Thursday, December 1, 2011

Product Reviews: Favorite Litter Products - Berkley & Jensen (BJs) Litter, The Worlds Best Cat Litter & Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

Logan and I have had disagreements about litters in the past where either I didn't like the way it clumped or smelled or he didn't like what I did for whatever his own reasons were (and he'd make sure you knew by peeing NEXT TO the box).  The only litter we ever agreed upon was the Berkley & Jensen (BJs) litter in the purple box.  The box is really functional as packaging compared to the bags and more expensive tubs and less expensive than all the other brands so it was a good agreement to have.  It clumps really well and masks smell for a good few days.  We are really bad at cleaning the litter box in this house, which is why we're toilet training them lol, so it does smell if a cat doesn't cover their business (which is just about always Tek) and smells like ammonia when we leave it way too long.  Any issues we've had with the litter has been from us not cleaning it for a few weeks and no litter could hide that but whenever we maintain cleaning the box, this litter definitely does the best job!  For reference, over the past 4 years we've tried all the major brands: Scoop Away, Fresh Step, Tidy Cats and Arm & Hammer (which was my second favorite but Logan didn't like it for some reason).

We bought The Worlds Best Cat Litter because it was flushable, which we needed for our Litter Kwitter toilet training and the woman at the store said it's "really the worlds best cat litter".  After about a week with it I can tell you that we all LOVE it!  The cats were hesitant to use it at first but we moved the litter box location two rooms away next to the toilet, from a giant double size bin to the tiny LK toilet shaped kit and changed the litter all at the same time.  I suspect any hestiation was towards the changes as a whole and not the litter itself.  It took a day for them to start using it, 2 days to forget about the old box and by day 4 I wasn't receiving anymore complaints!  It masks the urine smell really well and is really easy to clean up because it's a lot lighter and not as dusty as the other litters.  I was worried about the clumping abilities as the product is corn based but I actually prefer it!  What I found was that the longer the urine sat in the litter the BETTER it clumped.  The first few days we weren't cleaning it so they'd get used to their scent in a different location.  My experience with other litters is the opposite, I find that the longer you wait to clean it and the more soaked it gets it starts to break up again.  I was really impressed and it being flushable was an absolute dream especially with it's new location next to the toilet.  If the LK system doesn't work out and our cats don't "take" to toilet training then I definitely plan on sticking with this litter moving forward - although I still hope I won't have to buy litter ever again lol!

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer is my absolute favorite cat owner product.  It was recommended by my vet and after using it once I bought 4 boxes the next time I saw it on sale.  After you clean the litter box you sprinkle this over the litter box and it leaves a nice clean scent and removes alot of the odor.  As the worst litter box cleaners in the world we often used this when we didn't want to clean the box in the middle of watching a movie or sleeping but the smell was too distracting to ignore.  It's the best lazy (or busy!) man's product for cat owners!  We got a day or more out of cleaning the box with this stuff and it actually smells good!  Air fresheners just cover a bad smell with a strong chemical smell and usually still smells bad, espcially after an hour or so, but this actually leaves a subtle clean scent and eventually eliminates the smell.  This is probably on my top 10 favorite products list but is my absolute favorite cat owner product.  You will NOT be disappointed and if you are, I will take it off your hands!

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