Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping Deals: Petsmart - 15% entire purchase + Purina One Cat & Dog Food on sale!

Easy printable coupon available for 15% off your entire purchase in-store (or over $60 online) between today through Sunday, December 8-11.  I plan to use it as follows on cat food but note there is an identical deal (with different but similar pricing) on Purina One Dog Food as well.

As part of the separate Great Gifts Sale going on tomorrow through Sunday, December 9-11, Purina One Cat Food is on sale and we just happened to be almost out so I plan on stacking the sale and the coupon above and stocking up for Tek & Logan.

There is this separate deal in the regular December ad offering $4 off plus $5 in bonus bucks which I'm wondering might still be available during the above promotion which would be additional savings!  I would have to do my two bags of food in separate transactions but it'd be worth it!

In addition, I found this deal in the regular December ad offering 2 free cans of Purina One Wet Cat Food when you buy a 22lb bag of Purina One Dry Cat Food and since I'm already planning on buying 2 bags, that's 4 free cans for Tek & Logan - assuming here is not maximum, which it doesn't state.

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