Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping Deals: Staples - 2 free 16ct Packs of Duracell Batteries (AA & AAA)

It's baaack!  Staples free batteries are here!  I always get my batteries for free from Staples when they have a free battery sale so I'm happy I didn't miss it like I did last year!  You have to have a rewards card with them and the way the program works is you purchase the batteries for $12.99 per pack and when your statement closes you'll get a rewards check for the full amount that can be used towards your next Staples purchase.  There are some catches so you have to watch out for them.  Make sure your rewards card is set up to send you the rewards checks (mine comes to my email) and be aware that they DO expire.  I warn you of this because I had a $2 rewards check that I realized last week expired 11/30/11.  Whomp.  This is a fantastic deal if you keep on top of your rewards and plan on shopping at Staples anyway.  I'm in need of some new ink so I might as well get free batteries out of the deal.  Note that the ad says 2 per customer but according to the Staples staff it's 2 per customer PER WEEK so if you want to stock up and you know you'll use those rewards checks then now is the time to stock up!

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