Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tek & Logan: Litter Kwitter Day 16

We're so sick of this already. We moved it up to the toilet for the second time on Wednesday and spent all of Thursday through Sunday morning cleaning up messes outside the closet door (Logan) where the old box used to be (which just happens to be under the Christmas tree now that that's up) and throughout the bathroom (mostly in front of the toilet but it would travel because our house isn't even).  One thing worth noting is that Tek would scoop the litter down from the toilet to cover the mess he made on the floor so he was trying to accommodate the only way he could think how so it's definitely the height that they just weren't getting used to because they just weren't getting it.  It's so frustrating and it's hard because we don't WANT to keep going back because they probably just need time to get used to it being moved up but it's just so bad for the floors and everything it touches which is especially hard to accept after 2 years of remodeling the whole house and Greg doing all the floors himself. We decided to move it back to the floor because we're too afraid of all the damage the messes are and could cause if we don't but Greg came up with the idea to continuously build it up from the ground until it's up to the toilet height so they can get used to it in a more gradual process. We hope that will do the trick since we don't want to give up on it completely. It takes a lot of patience and we're just trying to remind ourselves that we knew it would be a process and we committed to seeing it through and if we have to adjust we will but at the same time we can risk damaging anymore of the house and hope that the damage that is already done is fixable/doesn't stick around forever!

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