Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Cash 2012 Update

CVS marked their Christmas stuff down to 75% off so I picked up some much needed labels (200ct) and a bag of mint M&Ms for $.98 & $.99 accordingly. 

I also snagged a great deal at Walmart where I picked up a amazing gift set valued at $23 for $7.50 shipped that came with a $9 rebate!  That's a $1.50 moneymaker for a fantastic gift set.  Almost want to keep but but I won't!  Message me for details if you're interested!

Running Christmas Totals:
- 13 Gifts for $63.50
- 20 Wrapping Supplies for $11.48
- 1 Baking Supplies for $2.00
- 3 Christmas Chocolate for $4.74
   Grand Total: $82.22

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