Sunday, February 26, 2012

Couponing: Drug Stores 2.19-2.25.12

Hey guys! So I've been getting really stressed about the blog and trying to figure out a way to keep it but not make myself crazy over it.  Well I figured it out!  SPREADSHEETS!  Instead of retyping all the details on each product, which takes so much more time than you'd think, I'm going to link to my spreadsheet with all the details!  I create this spreadsheet to do my shopping anyway so it's no added work for me and I suspect it will be SIGNIFICANTLY easier for you all to follow and utilize so it's best for everyone!  It'll also stop me from posting everything too late for you to use (like I am now - these sales have ended) because it won't take me as long to create the posts!  Plus I nerdily love spreadsheets like a normal person shouldn't... true story.  The only disadvantage to the spreadsheet method is I account for original prices at the sale value not the actual value.  This decreases my percentage savings since the value of the items are now based on the current sale price and not the full price. I hope you all like the new format, leave me some feedback in the comments!  Thanks!

CVS: $2 for $20 worth of items (90% savings!)

Rite Aid: $9.42 for $68.91 worth of items (87% savings!)
10 boxes of tissues not pictured.

Walgreens: $3.64 PROFIT on $51.35 worth of items (107% savings!)

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