Sunday, February 12, 2012

Couponing: Walgreens 2/12-2/18

I'M BAAACK.  I took a mental hiatus from the blog while work was crazy busy and tax season and the new school semester started back up.  Now that work has slowed down and I've settled into tax season and school I think I'm ready to start posting again.  I probably won't do catchup posts but maybe I'll post the pictures later if I decide to :)  Today was a great day to start back as I picked up some great items at Walgreens and wanted to share.  I had $60 (!) in register rewards that were expiring in the next three days so I was on a mission to spend $60 without spending too much out of pocket.  I am happy to say I succeeded and stocked up on some good stuff!

$15.93 for $120.87 worth of items! (87% savings!) 

- 2 Sundown Vitamin D3-1000 iu 100 ct: $5.99 on sale $4 - B1G1 - 2 $1/1 printable - $4 Wags MIR - 10% bonus = $2.40 PROFIT!
- Renew Life Love Your Heart 90ct: on sale $20 - $20 Wags MIR - 10% bonus rebate = $2 PROFIT!
- HeartBlu HH Veg 60ct: on sale $14 - $14 Wags MIR - 1% bonus rebate = $1.40 PROFIT!
- 1 Factor Nutrition Labs Ubiquincol Coq10 30 ct: on sale $10 - $10 Wags MIR - 10% bonus rebate = $1 PROFIT!
- 2* LySyl Cold Sore Relief .3oz: $5.99 on sale for $5 - $5 RR = FREE!
- 2 Get2BB Stylers: $5.99 on sale B1G1 - 2 $3/1 2/12 RP = FREE!
- Just or Men Hair Color: $5.99 - $5.99 MIR = FREE!
- 3 Mitchum Deoderant: $3.99 on sale $1.99 with in-ad coupon - $.75 1/8 S = $1.25 each (69% savings!)
- 2 Curel Therapy Hand & Cuticle Cream 3.5oz: $3.49 on clearance for $2.79 - B1G1 50% off $1.40 - 2 $1/1 2/5 S = $1.09 each (69% savings!)
- 2 Cottonelle 12ct bath tissue: $5 each - $1 Wags Feb coupon book - $1 1/15 S = $3 each (40% savings!)
- 3 2 Liter Coke: $1.99 on sale 3/$4 = $1.33 (33% savings!)

So it could've been hard to come up with items that left me with $60 checkout total in order to use my RR that were about to expire (this is your total after coupons so the items would have to give you a RR or MIR in order to use up my RR) and I lucked out like CRAZY with these freebie/for profit RR and Wags MIR items!  I seriously couldn't have had better timing and I couldn't have been happier.  As for the other products, those small purse size Mitchum's are on my mom's request list (I get a request list from my family members of things to look out for) and it was a great stock up price for those.  The Curel and Cottonelle were great RR filer items that we can always use and the Coke was Greg's only request so I obliged :)  All in all, this was a great return post, I'm very pleased that I'm caught up on my Wags RRs - that $60 was burning a nervous hole in my pocket!

This is my first time using Walgreens mail in rebates and I'm really glad I found out about them.  They are just like Staples Easy Rebates and Rite Aid Single Check Rebates in that it's a very easy process to submit them online using your receipt number (NO UPCs!).  The great thing about the Walgreens MIRs is that they offer a 10% bonus if you get your rebates back on a Walgreens gift card.  Since it doesn't expire and won't go to waste, I was perfectly happy taking this deal and making an extra $4.80 back on items I was already getting for free or better.

Also a reminder with Register Reward items, this week is the Lysyl Cold Sore Relief, you will only get 1 RR per transactions but the 2 stores I've been to will allow you to do a second transaction in order to get a second RR but make sure you do 2 transactions!  I have forgotten before and it's a nightmare to fix!

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