Friday, February 17, 2012

Mailbox Time: 2.16.12

A blog that I absolutely love, Couponing to Disney, has thing thing she calls "What's in your mailbox?" and I thought it was so fun!  Now that I've been into the couponing thing for a few months I'm starting to get stuff in my mailbox at least once a week on a regular basis so I thought I'd be fun to do the same thing!  Since I don't want to steal her name too I'm just going to call it "Mailbox Time".  Feel free to comment on any great items you got in your mailbox today and use the links to order your own free products & samples. 

Still Available:
- Free Sample of Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Libre 

Want Mine?:
- Free Neti Pot - no longer available but I will never use it so let me know if you want mine :)

No Longer Available:
- Free Midol Carry Case

- $9.98 rebate from Staples on 2 reams of paper.  I paid $10.44 after coupons and received $1.04 in Staples rewards so this check gives me a $.58 profit!  Staples runs these rebate offers on paper allll the time so if you need paper, this is the way to buy it!

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