Friday, March 9, 2012

Couponing: Drugs Stores 3/4-10/12

A little late posting this week's deals but you have Saturday to shop!  It was crazy at work and school so I got to my shopping late this week.  Not much going on this week sale wise but there is even more free toothpaste to add to my collection and some other goodies I know I'll use.  Cat food was .32 cents per can which fit into my stock up price so I picked them up.  You'll probably notice some candy scattered in the Wags photo that aren't on the spreadsheet.  I use them as fillers to use my register rewards (of which I have a LOT the last few weeks) but I don't add them since your situation will likely be different and you can choose your own fillers if necessary. I personally go for the Lindt truffles but some Easter favorites snuck in this week.  Let me know if you have any questions about Walgreens, their register rewards and filler items.  I'd be happy to explain in more depth.  Oh yeah, I started adding tax to my spreadsheet since people have mentioned it.  Only catch is that I have yet to figure out how the hell it's calculated (it never seems to tie to anything directly) so I'm just including the total from my receipts but no detail on what caused it (because I have no idea!). 

CVS: $16.23 for $37.21 worth of items (57% savings!)

Rite Aid: $1.00 for $2.00 worth of items (50% savings!)

Walgreens: $6.00 for $44.00 worth of items (87% savings!)

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