Thursday, March 15, 2012

Couponing: Grocery Shopping 3/9-15/12

Haven't done any grocery shopping in awhile because we've been full stocked but I had a little space in the fridge/freezer so I decided to check in on the deals and found some good ones on frozen foods; pizza at S&S and meat at Shaws.  We don't eat this type of food everyday and I wouldn't recommend it but it's nice to have on hand for days where there is no time to cook and want something fast and cheap that is better and cheaper than a drive thru!  Arnold bread is a household favorite and Duncan Hines cake mix and Dietz & Watson deli meat are my favorites, all at stock up prices, so it was a great week for grocery shopping!

As mentioned previously, the cat litter is on sale for $7.99 plus there is a mail in rebate for the full purchase price through the end of the year. 

Stop & Shop
$15.45 for $52.95 worth of products (71% savings!) 

$43.66 for $94.07 worth of products (54% savings!)

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