Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shopping: Target 3/10/12

Some good deals at Target yesterday.  Not sure which ended yesterday as Target does deals that follow a weekly cycle, monthly cycle and random cycles.  The cat litter is on sale for $7.99 through March plus there is a mail in rebate for the full purchase price through the end of the year.  This absolutely made my year because it's the litter we use and the cost adds up fast.  I'll be doing a rebate for this to each of my family member's households in order to stock up on some free litter!  Luckily I have a fantastic family who have all OKed this!  We needed ketchup so I picked up the cheapest bottle they carried and I've been trying to switch over to Green Works since I bought the glass cleaner a few months back and loved it and there was a $.75 peelie on it!  This was my first time using a peelie ever so it was nerdily exciting for me.  A peelie is a coupon that is stuck on the product by the manufacturer for you to use when you purchase that product.  And to top it off, the cashier was too busy chatting away with her friend to realize she scanned it twice so I got the cleaner for just over a buck!  Great deal!  I also picked up a 12 pack of push pencils from the $1 section to add to my gift bin.  My gift bin something I started this year where I buy gifts when they are cheap or on sale and save them for birthdays and Christmas and any other surprise occassions so that I'm not spending full price trying to pick it up quick when the time comes.  It's been working out really well so far although my mom did get her 2012 Christmas gift two days ago because I knew she'd want it for her upcoming vacation lol.  All in all a very successful trip with some overages, some extra scanned coupons and some cheap and free favorites!

$8.01 for $28.51 worth of products (72% savings!)

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